WHAT WE DOWe make sure
that diagnostics are one
thing above all: reliable.

"No more throwaway society!" - a demand that is increasingly gaining importance worldwide - has long been the reality of how we do things at ASS. By reconditioning analytical equipment, we extend the life of these products and thus sustainably preserve their value. Our Lifecycle Management program offers a complete service package for diagnostic equipment - from launch, installation and repair to decontamination and disposal.



Our team of experts in Grünstadt has developed comprehensive repair and maintenance processes and reliably implements them with one clear goal in mind: to ensure the optimal functionality of the diagnostic equipment.


Our teams ensure the 24/7 uptime of diagnostic equipment throughout Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. We solve challenges directly onsite and in line with the highest standards of quality.


For our own LABexon product line, we develop and produce new supplementary products that help in-vitro diagnostic instruments achieve even more reliable results. We have established our own production facility for this range of products in Grünstadt, Germany, so that we can manufacture intelligent solutions that offer real additional value.

Development & Engineering

Our engineering department is turning new measurement techniques into reality. They work with the reconditioning teams to put even more precise quality controls into practice for all of our repair and maintenance processes.


Quality management is of enormous importance for the demanding requirements in the medical technology sector. We cooperate closely with all parties involved in order to enforce the very highest of standards.


Ensuring the maximum availability of spare parts in our workshops and on site as well as the proper and efficient transport of diagnostic products are logistically demanding tasks. Our experienced team at the Grünstadt (Germany) and Rotkreuz (Switzerland) sites uses extremely secure, certified processes to effectively manage all challenges.


Our seasoned, well coordinated key account team takes care of the various diagnostics areas and ensures that the appropriate conditions are in place. At the same time, we work with customer teams to continually develop our LABexon product range.


Our highly efficient administrative team provides the perfect framework for our activities, and by fulfilling the necessary controlling functions, it continuously safeguards the success of our business and customer satisfaction.

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